At TYC we just love to race! Our stretch of the Thames provides challenging sailing with strong tides, intermittent winds, and commercial shipping movements. This means our racers have to be on their toes as they are competing against the conditions as much as they are competing against each other.

Moorings are available for full and family members who wish to keep a boat at the club.

We currently have moorings available for boats up to 38 feet. If you have a boat between 38 and 42 feet please contact us for more information

For cruisers we offer a selection of options including mud berths, individual swinging moorings, and deep water trot moorings.

Our club is right in the heart of one of the most important maritime centres in Western Europe. This means our members are spoilt for sail and motor cruising opportunities

For day trips you can sail up to central London on a single flood tide for a night of cosmopolitan luxury in St Katherines or Limehouse. Heading the other way, a single ebb tide will see you safely into the anchorages and bywaters of the Medway and Swale.

All TYC members are reminded that special byelaws apply on the tidal Thames. All vessels, including those under sail, are required stay to the right of the fairway. Please apply common sense:

  • Do not cross in front of large vessels
  • Keep a lookout astern as well as ahead.
  • If approaching a large vessel,  make a prompt turn to starboard and get to the right side of the fairway. If you have a loud horn, sound one short blast, but in any case be clear and concise in your manoeuvres.
  • If sailing in races or company, make other boats aware of large vessels on channel 37 (M).
  • Consider making short tacks and go about midway across the fairway.
  • Always carry a functioning VHF Radio and maintain a listening watch on London VTS, unless participating in an organised club event where another channel is prescribed.

Complying with rules reduces the chance of over enforcement being applied, and learning to sail within the constraints will make you a better sailor. For more information please visit the PLA's Boating on the Thames website.